Change your Lifestyle via Digital Transformation

Why I am telling you to change your lifestyle because most of the people are board to their everyday jobs system and many things. They want freedom in their life, some of them have big dreams that not achieved by their jobs support also doesn’t have time for their own life.

And If you think that is right then also on the other side  business owners , shop owner, those who have the skill to make something new, they can market or sell their products very confidently at startup but not everyone can do it.so they fail also the Indian Market is not many professionals in the payment system. Most people are love negotiating for everything like purchase or services.

Marketing Basics

If you have a shop or any product services then you know very well than me. It is happening from long ago. A BMW owner also bargains when he purchases foods also. So Our organic market is not good for new startup business owners are also wants digital transformation if you don’t believe me you can take reviews also from your known once.

In the same way when people start thinking about digital Marketing, blogging, entrepreneurship, Personal Branding, Affiliate Marketing, etc. they researching over the internet and find someone who just covers some part of it, some of them don’t know it properly. And digital marketing is in high demand so many people selecting as a niche in digital marketing so you find many companies, So you can’t find the real process of Digital Transformation. There are so many tools & information, chances to puzzled everybody at the beginning.

So please read to the end then it will change your lifestyle and help you to make success in the digital world. I have written this content with my whole experience and using updated methods.

In my opinion, Transformation is not just a word It has its own Power of Impact that automatically makes Bold View. And the Digital is the new era of Transformation because it is topmost successful things happening all over the world also in this pandemic it grow too much.

So many people want to build their career and business online because now India has so many people who are using the internet. People who earn below 2 lac per year are also using smartphones and the internet because  Reliance Jio is helping most in India to give free internet to everyone at starting their business. People make habit of using the internet.

If you think that I am right or you have already started thinking and believing about it. That you have to started your own Digital Marketing agency, Social media Marketing, blogging an many things to experiencing in the digitalization process that helps you and your company to achieve great success in the future.

In here I tell you about how to grab your customer attention and understand their mind.when you grab someone attention then you convert them as your customer but this is not the only way this is only starter process that people are watching reading or loving your content, then you have to collect their email address and send them multiple emails for testing him and reading his mind.also you can retarget him via social media and refer to some tools like 16 personality.com to know him or her personality. It is a personality testing site you can test your own also before suggesting anyone.

If I am right and help you to your guaranteed success then you have to know the basic rules of marketing fundamentals,

At first, you can calculate your power that you do successfully without other support and feelings, then what are the steps you have taken for that what you learn from that and how to implement to others.

Also if you are new in Digital marketing then you have to find out what is the most powerful thing that you discover to sell or market digitally. And what is the trend in the market and also demand in the market. Also, understand which will be going to trend in the future. people’s needs believe and expectations.

If you feel it is good then select your the goal that which kind of product you want to sell how much value is good for customer and how much money you want to earn from your digital campaigns.

Also, some of us first create a product and then market it, I think that this is the wrong process.is that right thing that I am telling you. First, do marketing then understand your customer needs then create products.The product will sell automatically.

Also when you do marketing you have to eyes on the right customer and the right time for sending the messages. How you make them happy so the customer is your for the lifetime they will believe you than other marketers.

you know names of all big brands.but they also doing marketing continuously the same you have to market continuously also if the product is in the best category then it sells automatically.

It needs advertising, sales, copywriting, especially don’t use Copywrite contents.

At starting enter a competitive market but before you have to create your own unique product or style for selling. and communication skills for conversation.

It is also taking advantages when you know a multi-language skill that can sell or build brand image via so many things.you can also follow the economics that is related to your product sell, most of the people target reach countries but you have to understand that which county is growing and who will make better the economy in the future. Our country is also good for the digital future.

So you have to follow the economy for a time. you can also read books related to economics. There is a writer name Sajith Pai who create technique India’s economy by 4 steps I have learned from Digital Deepak. You may also find it on the internet.

Traditional and Digital marketing

Marketing is divided into two terms is Traditional and Digital marketing. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

  In traditional marketing print media.Broadcasting on tv and radio, phone calls, SMS etc.in this way you can advertise your brand or product but not know who is familiar with your services and products. Every people see your ad but no one can direct purchase.they can call or SMS you, but big brands who already have already make a reputation with good products and so many franchised shop every town city near you they can ad their new product and people come to their shop to buy.

On the other side, digital marketing ads are targeted. your ad or service is visible whoever is interested in your category. They can also buy or take services via the internet if you have setup. Also, you can retarget via email social media any many ways.you can also set the right time for your customer to convince them. Just make a website of your product and services and target interested people via location time any may things. I think that you have your opinion so feel free whichever you like most.

CATT MarketingFunnel

In this marketing method, I tell you a more clear concept of marketing. This is called the CATT marketing funnel. why I call funnel because this process is a loop or repeated process of marketing.

As a short term called  Wealth=n^CATT

n [N] is a Niche the first thing which depends on your path to make a success.find the top most lovable path of your digital life.It wants talent,passion & market to select perfect niche.

[C] is Content has many types you can make as you fascinate your niche to your customers.

[A] Attention-You have to drive people attention to your content through SEO, Social Media any may way.  

[T] Trust-if you want that people believe you then you have to retarget them with updated beautiful contents.

[T] Transaction-when you complete before steps well then your targeted people turn to ur customer.

Integrated digital marketing

If you follow this it will give you success 100%.

So I will cover the most important part that is integrated digital marketing it is part that I want to write at when I start to write it, because in this method you can find that do not sell your product directly at your first impression, it lets occurred for your target people because they don’t know you so they don’t trust you and scroll down your products and services. At first, make great content that directly touches your targeted customer if they show interested then you will build trust and then you target them.in the first attempt via email or any paid ads does not work that much.

I have already completed most of the topics but the highly demanded part is Personal Branding.without you will miss your potential customer, Personal Branding is the core of Digital Transformation. It will support many companies and people to grow their careers because people want someone to help or guide him not to hire a brand to solve it.in the same way, it will make a big impact in your career accordingly. Helping people means experiencing in solid market strategy.

Personal Branding

want to Build your own solid brand then follow some steps from starting.

Learn -at first becomes an expert at your niche, then understand very well all the procedures.feel all the rhyme so perfectly

Work-Do freelance understands requirements also implement 3 times.

Blog-Share and write your experience with blogging and implements other topics also which is totally covered your niche topic like if you selecting digital marketing as a niche then it will be about how to learn digital marketing.

Consult-immediately your personal brand is sharing thoughts to other business owners who want to become digital in future consult to improve  their business also start work immediately to make your brand impression better.

Mentor-Mentoring is the best of Digital Marketing. Encourage people who want to become like you so it will give rewards to reviews your brand.

Startup-Help people who can create good products and want to become entrepreneurs. Consult multiple types of business owners,

Mass Trust Blueprint

First create start up then learn from it work for it share via blogging then consult and do mentoring.


At the end of this whole writing, I am sure that this will grow you to improve your skill in digital transformation. I want to describe more about this and after the writing, I think that I will tell more about the CATT funnel and Mass Trust Blueprint.I have a Digital Marketing Consultancy, Feel free for any further help about in details tools automation process, how to do SEO, Search Engine and Social Media Paid Promotion and any other help. In the next article, I will reveal some more secrets that I have learned from my Digital Mentor. There is a link below you can also learn from my India’s No -1 Mentor.

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If you have a real dream in your life then this is the way you can change your Lifestyle.Thanks

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